10 Whole-Body Wellness Trends for the New Decade

Top 10 Whole-Body Wellness Trends

It’s the start of a new decade, which makes this the perfect time to make your wellness a priority! We are seeing more and more growth toward integrative medicine and whole-body wellness, even in many traditional and mainstream medical offices. We invite you to check out some of the newest functional medicine trends right here in West Carmel at Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics!

1. Better Sleep

Some health professionals have named sleep the top trend in healthcare for 2020. Research continues to grow on the cyclical nature of how your lifestyle can impact your sleep habits, and in turn, how your sleep affects your daily quality of life. Here at IMLA, we are now offering sleep studies in the convenience of your own home, and for just a fraction of what you may pay elsewhere. We are excited about this new option and can provide more details in the office.

2. Environmental Medicine

As you likely know, your climate has an impact on your health. Here in the Midwest, many of us experience allergies with the changing of the seasons, and health issues when the temperature changes drastically as it has so far this winter. Integrative medicine takes this impact, as well as your other lifestyle choices and background, into account when working to find the root cause of your health issues. 

3. Nutrition over Diets

Functional nutrition is becoming increasingly important in healthcare, especially over fad diets that you often come across in the new year. When you work with IMLA to build a customized health plan, we will take your individual needs and desires into account, including your dietary regimen.

4. Nutritious Meal Planning

As we seek a focus on true nutrition as opposed to random dieting, meal planning comes into play as well. Here at IMLA, we offer cooking classes in the Indianapolis area to help you learn how to incorporate healthy nutrition into your meal planning and preparation, with locally sourced ingredients. 

5. Health Coaching

Integrative health is seeing an increased demand for health coaching for both fitness and wellness goals. As you meet with Dr. Amich or Dr. Pabla to discuss your health plan of action they will factor these goals into it, and our office can also provide vitamins, supplements and additional accountability if you are interested. 

6. Experiential Wellness

We are seeing a soaring trend in experiential wellness, such as spa retreats or festivals celebrating fitness and wellness. In fact, it was found that 42% of those polled by MindBody Business valued experiences rather than material possessions. 

7. Experience Functional Aesthetics

We know the value of aesthetic experiences, especially when performed via our more natural integrative methods that are less invasive and therefore equal less downtime. IMLA offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments including microneedling, face peels and waxing, as well as laser treatments for skin tightening or vein and hair removal.

8. Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a powerful aesthetic trend for 2020 as well, with MindBody Business finding that 43% want to try lash extensions, 38% lash tinting, and 36% lash lifts -- both men and women alike!

9. Workout Recovery

Many sources find that workout recovery is a trend growing in importance as well. Some recovery methods from the intense workouts that are popular today include meditation and guided imagery. At IMLA, we also offer IV infusion to help treat fatigue, stress, and cell repair.

10. Trends Toward Integrative Medicine in General!

The American Board of Physician Specialties® reports that more and more doctors are using an integrative approach! In the study conducted by Pure Branding consultancy, they found that, "on average, integrative doctors spend at least twice as much time with their patients as conventional doctors" and that integrative medicine physicians reported greater personal satisfaction in their practice.

We are excited to assist you in your functional medicine journey! Reach out to our office today to set up your first consultation!

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