Everything You Want to Know About Functional Medicine

While modern medicine has made amazing advances in solving some complicated health riddles, these techniques are largely interventional, which means they work around the human body rather than with it. With functional medicine, we take an entirely different approach to your health that recognizes the intricate relationships between all of your body’s functions in order to unearth the root cause of your health issues.

At Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics, CJ Pabla, MD, and our team understand that most health issues aren’t isolated incidents, but part of a larger biological and cellular picture. At the heart of our functional medicine practice, we take the time to thoroughly assess each patient, down to their very cells, to find sustainable solutions to some complicated health issues.

Here’s a brief look at how functional medicine can improve your health by addressing your overall wellness on every front.

A function of the whole, not just the parts

When you have a medical complaint and see a doctor, they dutifully record your symptoms and your medical history and come up with a treatment plan that helps you find immediate relief. More often than not, this means that the approach simply treats your symptoms, which means the underlying cause of your problem may be left unaddressed, which can lead to more problems down the road.

Our belief is that there’s very little in the human body that it isn’t connected, which is why we approach a health problem a bit differently. Of course, we record your symptoms, which provide some very valuable clues as to where we start in identifying your underlying problem.

But we go much further by evaluating your:

In fact, we leave no stone unturned and we explore anything and everything that may influence your overall wellness.

The goal behind functional medicine is to peel back the layers to identify the source of your problem. By delving deeper, we may discover that your problem should be addressed from many different angles in order to garner long-term results.

A function of working together

Another key component to our functional medicine is that we partner with patients in their health care. We believe that patient education and participation is critical for long-term success, so we ensure that you understand every step we take, and we show you ways that you can take charge of your health.

By looping you in on the process, rather than simply giving you instructions, you better understand the roles that seemingly unrelated areas of your health play and how you can boost your wellness from myriad angles.

The bottom line is that functional medicine is a patient-centric approach to your care, rather than a disease/symptom approach. After all, it’s your health.

If you’d like to explore how functional medicine can improve your health, please contact our office in Carmel, Indiana, to set up a consultation.

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