Fall Health & Wellness

Fall brings on new challenges for staying healthy like rainy, cold weather, increased heating bill costs as we keep ourselves warm at home and the onset of flu season. Wouldn't we all agree that taking extra care in the Fall months can go a long way to preserving our health? Here are some essential tips for keeping ourselves healthy through the season.

Drink Herbal Teas With Immune-System-Boosting Qualities

Everyone has heard that echinacea is an immune-boosting tea. Other teas are good for our immune systems like chamomile and ginseng. The added benefit of these brews is the relaxation we feel as we drink them. Teas are also suitable for staving off a sore throat or congestion before they set in.

Eat Warming Meals at Home

I'm sure we'd all agree that there's nothing like a good hot soup or stew to warm the bones and make us feel at home and comfortable. Soups with meat like beef, lamb or chicken in them can be especially nourishing, and chicken soup is known for its ability to fight off colds. Soups with plenty of seasonal Fall vegetables are healthy, too. If you are trying to avoid certain foods in your diet, a quick google search for recipes will bring up plenty of good results. 

Consider Buying Exercise Equipment for the Socked-in Months

Buying indoor exercise equipment for our homes such as an exercise bicycle or a treadmill allows for physical activity indoors. Fall can limit our motivation to get outside and move, and can encourage us to hibernate at home, but being able to stay in shape through the colder months should be a priority. Indoor exercise equipment can be a convenient and motivating option. 

Dust Off Fall and Winter Clothes

Time to bring out our Fall and Winter clothes. Wearing layers like a long-sleeved shirt, a sweater and a jacket on top can help us adjust our warmth as the temperature fluctuates. If the sun suddenly burns through the clouds a long-sleeved shirt may do the job on its own. Be prepared.

It's wise to store a good coat, a scarf, gloves and a hat in our cars in case cold weather sets in unexpectedly and we're outdoors. A car breakdown or icy weather could make the vehicle our camping spot until we're out of danger. Although unlikely, in the case that you were stranded in your vehicle, you would be grateful that you were prepared.

Just following a few guidelines will keep us one step closer to good health for the Fall. Enjoy the season.

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