How Does Microneedling Improve Scars?

Your skin is designed to withstand a lot of abuse, and it does its job well, protecting you from everything from flying objects to bacteria. Unfortunately, the evidence of this job well-done can pile up on your skin in the form of scarring. Whether you had an ill-placed cut or acne wreaked havoc on your skin, we can erase the past through microneedling.

At Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics, our experienced and expert team understands the science of skin, and we have the tools to make considerable improvements. Whether you’re grappling with aging tissue or years-old acne scarring, we use the most advanced techniques to restore youth and vitality to your skin, including microneedling.

Here’s a look at how microneedling can clear away the wreckage of the past, leaving a smooth surface in its wake.

Behind the scarring

Scarring is your body’s way of protecting itself by plugging up a breach so that your skin can continue to do its job of shielding you. When you injure yourself (and acne is a type of skin injury), your body’s primary directive is to ensure that nothing invades your body through the new openings. To do this, your body responds with a flood of collagen, the protein responsible for the structural support in your skin.

This collagen response isn’t one that takes your appearance into consideration. Rather, it shores up your tissue as quickly as possible with stronger collagen fibers — leaving you with a scar.

Fighting collagen with collagen through microneedling

Microneedling is an ingenious technique that fights fire with fire. With microneedling, we direct tiny needles into your skin that break up old scar tissue. But that’s just the start. This matrix of tiny micro-injuries spurs a mild healing response in your body, which responds with — you guessed it — collagen. 

But rather than the emergency response that created your scarring in the first place, our microneedling creates a much milder reaction and your body slowly rebuilds your skin from the inside out with renewed collagen, creating a much smoother surface area.

The microneedling process

Each of our microneedling sessions takes less than an hour, and there’s no downtime afterward. Depending upon the scarring we’re tackling, you may need a series of treatments, which we space apart by 4-6 weeks to allow time for your tissue to rebuild itself.

Over the course of your microneedling treatments, you’ll see gradual improvements in your skin, with optimal results about 6-12 weeks after your final session.

Kicking it up a notch with PRP

While our microneedling technique is effective on its own, we may add platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to the process. Your platelets contain growth factors that speed up healing. By concentrating the platelets and injecting them into your treatment areas, we can get you to your desired results more quickly. 

If you’d like to clear your skin of scars, please give our office in Carmel, Indiana, a call at (800) 538-5513 to get started on your microneedling treatments. Or you can request an appointment using our easy online scheduling tool.

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