Laser Hair Removal: Is it Worth it? YES!

Just think about it. No more shaving your legs every other day in the summer so you can wear shorts or a dress for a few hours. This also eliminates so much time from your shower routine. So you can actually enjoy your kid-free, spouse-free, pet-free bathing time! (That means more shower karaoke!)

A big concern is: Is the cost worth it? If you add up how much you spend each month on waxing, plucking and shaving (razors) and the amount of years spent doing these things, it’s worth the price.

It also eliminates razor burn and getting those nasty bumps that magically show up after you're done shaving. (The point was for people NOT to stare at your hairy legs and now your legs look even WORSE with razor burn giving you that nice raw turkey skin look!)

Better yet, the itchiness you always get after you shave would be gone!

It takes only a few treatments to eliminate 80-90% of the hair. Integrative Medicine, Laser & Aesthetics offers full service laser hair removal. Their skilled aestheticians assess your hair and determine a course of action for removing that unwanted body hair. It’s so worth it!

Now belt that TSwift! No hairs. No cares.

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