Start Laser Hair Removal Now and Be Ready to Head to the Beach by Summer

As you get ready for the long, cold months of winter, summer may seem like an awfully distant ray of sunshine. But what you do now can set the stage for a fun-filled season in which you can spend more time outdoors and less time shaving and plucking unwanted body hair. Through laser hair removal, we can pave the way forward to silky-smooth skin that’s hassle-free, just like your summer should be!

At Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics, our team of expertly trained providers is equipped with the latest laser technology, which can tackle everything from wrinkles to veins. Included in this comprehensive mix is our advanced laser hair removal system — GentleMax Pro®.

Here’s a look at how, if you start now, you can debut smooth skin at the beach, lake, or pool this summer through laser hair removal.

Why does it take several treatments?

Most of our patients, depending upon the size of the target area, require a series of treatments — typically 4-6 — which we space out by several weeks in between each. The reason for this is that your hair is never growing all out at once, as the follicles may be in one of the three following stages:


This is the active growth phase of your hair, which makes it easy for us to target the follicles.


At any given time, approximately 3% of your hair is in this phase, which is the transitional period between your hair’s active and resting phases.


This stage of hair growth is the resting phase and 6-8% of the hair on your body is in this phase at any point.

When we use our GentleMax Pro, we can easily target your active hair, but to give you the best results, we need to wait out the transitional and resting phases, targeting these follicles as soon as they become active.

Your timeline

Again, your laser hair removal timeline will be unique to your goals. If, for example, you’re only looking to target your bikini line or under your arms, we may be able to accomplish a permanent reduction of 80% of the hair in these areas in as little as three visits.

If you want to target a larger area, such as your legs or your back, we may need to make 4-6 passes to get the job done right.

When you come in, we sit down with you and review the areas where you’d like to remove hair and give you a schedule.

As you go

Each of your laser hair removal visits takes about an hour or so. Most of our clients tolerate these sessions extremely well, largely because our GentlePro Max is equipped with a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ which keeps you comfortable as we target the hair follicles below the surface.

In fact, the short bursts of energy we send into your hair follicles are only absorbed by your melanin (the pigment in your hair) leaving your surrounding skin untouched.

As you progress through your treatments, your follicles begin to shut down and you gradually shed the hair in the treated areas. And once these follicles are destroyed, they don’t regenerate, giving you results that last.

If you’d like to get started on your laser hair removal now, please contact our office in Carmel, Indiana, at 800-538-5513 or use the online scheduling tool to request an appointment.

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