The Top-5 Holiday Medical Emergencies

The holidays are meant for family and friends to get together to laugh, share old memories, and create new ones. Unfortunately, medical emergencies don’t take a holiday during this time and are even more prevalent thanks to party preparations, large feasts, and viruses that make the rounds.

At Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics, we offer a service we call “convenient care,” which provides you with the medical help you need in order to avoid busy emergency rooms. In fact, our practice is led by Dr. CJ Pabla who is double board-certified in family and emergency medicine.

To give you peace of mind this holiday season, we review some of the top medical emergencies and how we can help.

1. A most unwelcome guest

As family and friends gather together, this creates a veritable breeding ground for flus and colds. When it comes to these unwelcome respiratory infections, prevention is the best practice — such as getting a flu shot and avoiding close contact with those who may be infected. Unfortunately, it’s this second preventive measure that’s nearly impossible to do when you’re getting together with a group of people in close quarters and sharing food.

Should you or one of your family members be struck down with a cold or flu, our doors are open. Through prompt medical attention, we can minimize the effects that a cold or flu will have, allowing you to salvage your holidays.

2. Cuts and scrapes

Whether someone slices a finger carving a Christmas goose or a child sustains a moderate cut playing with cousins, our team is on call for just these types of medical emergencies. Dr. Pabla is well-versed in urgent laceration care and ensures that your cut is closed properly and that your risks for infection are minimized.

3. Holiday feasting

The holidays typically offer up copious amounts of food, some of which may not agree with your gastrointestinal tract. If you’re struck with stomach upset that over-the-counter medications aren’t helping, we can quickly diagnose and treat your stomach issues.

As well, food poisoning tends to spike during the holidays as dishes aren’t properly prepared or cooked, or they sit out at room temperature for too long. Here again, we can help you get the treatment you need to offset symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

4. Allergy attacks

If you or a member of your family has food allergies, the holidays present unique challenges, especially if you’re a guest. Since you can’t be sure about what went into the meal, you’re more prone to encountering a food that triggers an allergic reaction. For example, nuts can make their way into certain dishes or eggs may be used where you’d least expect them.

If you encounter any of these allergens, and you’re left with a rash, hives, or some other reaction, we can provide quick treatment.

5. Slips and falls

From stringing holiday lights to icy weather, the holidays are rife with slip-and-fall accidents. If you or a loved one takes a tumble, our team is on standby to help diagnose and treat your injury. Of course, if it looks like a major break, we do recommend that you head to your nearest ER, but if you’re experiencing swelling and mild-to-moderate pain, the odds are we can help.

While we hope your family remains healthy during the holidays, should a medical problem arise, we have you covered. Simply contact our office in Carmel, Indiana, at 1-800-538-5513 to learn more.

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