The Tremendous Anti-Aging Effects of Vitamin C

As you reach middle age and beyond, women notice that their skin isn't quite the same anymore. Fine lines, sagging complexions and other anomalies seem to appear with alarming regularity. It's time to stop this aging process in its tracks. You can't return to your glorious 20s, but there are some anti-aging solutions found in vitamin C. Learn how topicals improve your skin with science backing up the facts.

Outstanding Absorption
The best skin care products have vitamin-C ingredients. This molecule can be absorbed by the skin, which makes it effective on several levels. The epidermis absorbs most of the topical, and it also reaches the dermis with some efficacy.

Our vitamin-C products have stabilized ingredients. These substances are better than other product mixtures because this vitamin can quickly degrade under everyday conditions. Heat, sunlight and other factors break down the vitamin where it's no longer useful. Our stabilized topicals, however, give the nutrient a chance to absorb into the skin and perform its magic.

Acidic Perks
Another term for vitamin C is ascorbic acid. When you apply a controlled acid to your skin, reactions occur at the cellular level. In fact, our beauty product has a perfectly balanced amount of ascorbic acid, which leads to an even, skin tone.

Even out your complexion with vitamin-C topicals that diminish the impacts of these blemishes, including:

Improve your beauty regimen with a vitamin topical. The skin-tone difference will be worth the change.

Antioxidant Power
Vitamin-C topicals are full of antioxidants. The body needs these molecules to fight germs on a regular basis. In fact, your skin deals with challenges every day. Free radicals or damaging molecules are the leading cause of aging. As you spread vitamin-C serum on your skin, it has an instant weapon against free radicals. Reduced stress on the skin equates to smooth and nearly line-free surfaces.

Collagen Production
At their core, vitamin-C molecules work wonders within the skin to encourage collagen production. Think of collagen as the rubber bands that give your skin its flexibility. As you age, however, collagen tends to diminish in volume. Regular, vitamin use at the skin's level improves your collagen production. Your skin looks younger than ever as a result. 

Dry-Skin Warrior
The best skin care routine fights off dry skin. These flakes indicate an imbalance in the skin's layers. Researchers note that vitamin-C products can ward off dry skin. As the skin absorbs our product, the vitamin works alongside lipids or fats. The vitamin actually encourages lipids to form or chain together. These lipids translate into natural oils within the skin that will ultimately fight off dry skin. Without dry conditions, your skin can remain youthful each day.

Treat your skin with other anti-aging solutions, such as drinking water on a regular basis. By leading a healthy lifestyle, your beauty can remain intact for the long run. Keep vitamin-C topicals in mind as you formulate your daily routines. Your skin can glow well into your senior years.

Be sure to ask IMLA what's right for you, we carry options from SkinCetuicals! 

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