Tired of Unsightly Veins? Here's How We Can Remove Them

Spider veins — even their name sounds most unwelcome. But when they appear on your legs and face, they’re both unwelcome and unsightly. Thankfully, we can eliminate these pesky arrivals with our advanced laser technology, restoring your skin to its smooth and even tone.

At Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics, Dr. CJ Pabla and our team of highly trained medical and aesthetic professionals are equipped with the latest technologies to keep your skin in the pink of health. Whether you’re dealing with sun damage or spider veins, our med lasers are just the ticket for restoring order and helping your skin to look its very best.

If you’re tired of unsightly spider veins, here’s a look at how we can remove them.

A web in the making

Before we get into how we can eliminate spider veins and facial veins and redness, let’s grab a quick look at how these unwelcome intruders first developed. Spider veins most often appear on your face and legs, and they tend to affect women more than men — in fact, spider veins may affect up to half of women in the United States.

Spider veins and facial veins are linked to several factors:

Spider veins and varicose veins in your legs can also be tied to carrying extra weight or having venous insufficiency.

Spider veins aren’t generally considered dangerous — they present more of a cosmetic concern than anything else. Unfortunately, facial veins tend to appear in the most prominent areas on your face, including your nose and cheeks.

Dismantling the web

To tackle spider veins, we offer an advanced laser system called the GentleMax Pro®. Using this technology, we deliver two different wavelengths of energy into your skin that causes the blood inside your spider veins to clot. This clotting action causes the veins to collapse and seal off, rerouting the blood flow through healthier vessels farther below the surface of your skin.

Once your spider veins are sealed off and inactive, your body flushes them out naturally through its lymphatic system.

The spider vein removal process from start to finish

Our GentleMax Pro treatments generally last about an hour, depending upon the size of your treatment area. You may also need a series of treatments if the problem is extensive, which we can figure out when we sit down with you for your initial consultation.

The cutting-edge device comes equipped with the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™, which keeps the surface of your skin comfortable as we deliver the heat energy into your veins.

After your treatment, you’re free to return to your normal activities. There may be some lingering redness in the treatment areas, but this is usually short-lived. 

Over the weeks following your spider vein treatment, your body gradually disposes of the veins, leaving your skin free from these unsightly weblike lines.

To get started on removing spider veins from your face or legs, please give our Carmel, Indiana, office a call at 800-538-5513 or use our convenient online scheduler to set up an appointment.

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