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Vitamins. Hydration. ViDrate!  Restore vitamins and replace the fluids that have been lost. Don’t just hydrate- ViDrate! $135

Micronutrient Infusion

Essential micronutrients that are active & ready to jump start the powerhouses of your body.  This is commonly known as the Myer’s cocktail- created by Dr. John Myers. It is known to energize, boost immunity, help with headaches, and more. The ingredients vary from one clinic to another. At Integrative Medicine Laser & Aesthetics, Dr. Pabla has selected a specific formulation to get the best results. $195


This special mix of activated vitamins & minerals, micronutrients, and amino acids is designed for executives, athletes, busy moms & dads, or anyone who needs to de-stress & repair from the inside out.  We’ll start with a Micronutrient infusion and add glutamine, arginine, and carnitine. These amino acids are known to be vital for wound healing, muscle and other tissue repair, increased nitric oxide, cardiac health, body fat metabolism, and cellular energy. $235


If you flashback to the nightmare that was Biochemistry 101, you’ll recognize NAD+.  We spend a great deal of time reliving the fun we had learning about cellular energy production and the role that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) plays.  Infusions of NAD+ help support, reset, and kickstart the mitochondrial energy pathways that every cell needs.  Take NAD+ lying down, so that you don’t have to take anything else that way! $750 


Glutathione can be added to any infusion to help fight cell damage. Glutathione is known for its strong antioxidant activities and ability to reverse cellular damage. $50*


Glutamine, arginine, and carnitine (GAC) are powerful amino acids that help repair muscle and other tissues, protects the heart, charges the fat metabolism system, and helps control sugar metabolism. It can be added to infusions- It’s yoga for your cells. $40*

Vitamin C

High dose Vitamin C is known to boost the immune system and support skin health. Use it as a stand alone infusion, or add it to another infusion for a total cellular support package. $35


*Prices are specific to infusion additives only. IV fluids and supplies range between $75 to $95 depending on the dilution requirements.*


*NAD+ infusions ($750) are given in combination with a Micronutrient infusion ($195) and Glutathione ($50). Total cost is $995*

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