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Beauty concerns can be detrimental to your self-confidence and quality of life. With a focus on non-invasive procedures that use the latest technology and research, we can help you improve your well-being with quick and dramatic results.

Thanks to a new innovation, women of all skin tones can finally take advantage of laser treatments including skin tightening and hair removal.

It's called Gentlemax Pro for a reason!

It's gentle. Period. Probably the most important thing to note about this laser is that it's (relatively) painless. All lasers are painful on some level – after all, you’re zapping your skin with heat – but the unique thing about this laser is the cooling technology. Before and after each pulse of heat, there's a patented “Dynamic Cooling Device" that releases a quick burst of cooling. This allows for more energy to be used as it helps with the discomfort as well as causing less stress to the surrounding tissue.

Anyone can benefit from this laser!

It used to be that only skin types 1-3 could receive laser services, due to the fact that a laser seeks out the pigment, leaving those who have darker skin types with waxing and shaving to be their only safe options. Now with the GentleMax Pro® we can safely and very effectively treat skin types 1-6. All skin types can safely receive treatments without the fear of side effects that have, until now, been associated with the use of lasers on pigmented skin.

It's quick!

Because of a larger treatment spot size, the treatment time is faster. The technician can use fewer pulses per treatment area. Fewer pulses = less pain and time!

Fewer treatment sessions!

With past lasers, people with coarse hair or darker skin tones needed more appointments to guarantee lasting results. With the GentleMax Pro, you can typically schedule as few as four to six sessions, 6 weeks apart – and you're all set!

It's worth it!

The cost for a treatment session is about $150 for smaller areas (lip, chin, etc.) and up to $400- $500 for larger areas (full leg, back, etc.)  Think of it as an investment in a new, carefree lifestyle. The GentleMax Pro is only available by visiting a dermatologist or doctors office, but trust us, its worth it! 

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