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Laser Vein Removal Specialist

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Unsightly facial veins and spider veins on your legs can make you look and feel older than you are. Dr. CJ Pabla and the team of highly trained medical and aesthetic professionals at Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics in Carmel, Indiana, use the gold standard in laser vein removal technology: the GentleMax Pro® laser system. The GentleMax Pro delivers precise laser energy to diminish the appearance of veins, without an invasive procedure like surgery. If you want to get rid of spider veins, consider laser vein removal. Call the office or schedule a consultation online to take the first step.

Laser Vein Removal Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are tiny red or blue veins that appear near the surface of your skin. The small lines of these visible veins often resemble a spider web, hence the name. Spider veins dilate as a result of increased pressure. They are most common on your face and legs.

Laser treatment to diminish the appearance of spider veins is one of the most effective, noninvasive procedures you can get.

What is laser vein removal?

Laser vein removal is a safe, nonsurgical procedure that reduces or eliminates the appearance of spider veins. Dr. Pabla specialize in laser vein removal treatments using the GentleMax Pro laser system. Usually, in an hour or less, they treat the veins on your face or legs using thermal (heat) energy.

The focused laser energy targets the veins beneath the surface of your skin but doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue. The GentleMax Pro is unique among laser treatments in that it has a built-in cooling system, a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™, that keeps the surface of your skin at a comfortable temperature while the laser energy heats the veins below.

How does the laser affect my veins?

The laser energy can diminish the appearance of your veins by clotting the blood inside the visible blood vessel. This treatment causes the spider vein to collapse and seal itself. Over time, your body eliminates the damaged blood vessel on its own so you can no longer see it just under the surface of your skin.

Laser vein removal is a practical, noninvasive method of removing unsightly veins. Most veins disappear entirely two to four weeks after your treatment. Depending on how many visible veins you have and your desired outcome, Dr. Pabla creates a customized treatment plan based on your specific condition.

Am I a good candidate for spider vein removal?

Your overall health is the priority at Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics. Since spider veins are not a sign of a more serious health problem but rather an aesthetic concern, most adults who wish to diminish the appearance of their spider veins are good candidates. However, if Dr. Pabla examines your veins and determines that you have varicose veins as well, that could be a sign of a more serious condition that he can address.

To learn more, call the office in Carmel or schedule a vein consultation online.